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Tiny evil – Episode 2

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December 26, 2018 3:57 pm

I’ve seen this comic before it was animated.I was young that time,and I look at this comic,I just wanna the first our main character want to die because no one could be friends with him.And his parents didn’t contact with him long time too.and he find a way on the internet that can let him died happily,and the succubus come into his house,and because of he was first time to have a sex with somebody,because he was lonely.and the succubus feel lonely too.And I bet before that girl became into an succubus,she was a human,and she has no friend too.haha,and that is just a nonsense,why?because I imagine about it.And into this stories…..yeah,it was not a nonsense.
That succubus…,that girl saved him,and that man saved her too.they’ve saved in a same situations.He loves her,and she loves him too.because when he said that:I love you.
And at the end,she became a normal girl was fulfill with love,
And she just said:Don’t say that you wanna die.
And yeah I think they can be married,and it’s gonna be forever.
When I think about the after stories:when the succubus find love and became a girl,what’s their life after this.
And when I thinking about that,my tears was dropped,this is just like a porn version of clannad.but a different universe

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